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Who We Are fights for tenants’ rights in Germany. Every year fewer affordable flats are available on the housing market. Tenants feel to be at the mercy of their landlords. This situation is not acceptable.

The German rental law protects tenants. Tenants and landlords have a contract and are equal before the law. Our goal is to restore the right balance in the tenant-landlord relationship. By providing affordable legal help and assuming risks of high costs for lawyers and trials from our customers we give tenants the real possibility to enforce their legal rights.

Our service fees are determined based on the actually achieved savings. The fees are in most cases significantly lower than unpredictable costs for a lawyer and possible trial fees.

Rent Control (Mietpreisbremse)

Did you sign your rental contract after June 1st, 2015? After this date, landlords are not allowed to charge an overpriced rent. If they are doing it anyway, tenants have the right to lower their rent. In order to do that, the so called Mietpreisbremse has to be activated by notifying the landlord. The letter to the landlord has to meet certains legal standards to be effective.

If you authorize to reduce the rent for you, you will not have to worry about these requirements. We calculate your potential monthly savings based on your data, approach your landlord and, if necessary, take the case to court. Calculate your potential monthly savings now!

Rent Increase (Mieterhöhung)

Landlords often try to maximize their profits by increasing the rent in the course of a lease. Within legal limitations they are allowed to do so. But reality shows, many rent increases are inaccurate and therefore invalid. Before you accept and pay the higher rent you should have the letter checked. With our contract lawyers we can fight against the rent increase for you. Check your rent increase for validity here!

Renovation after Move-out (Schönheitsreparaturen)

Many rental contracts require tenants to renovate the apartment when moving out. Our experience shows: most clauses are invalid and tenants are not required to renovate at all. But landlords often try to keep the deposit until the renovation is done. With you can save money and time by repelling of the duty to renovate. Check your rental contract now to avoid renovation!

Have you already moved out and renovated your apartment? Have your contract checked and claim a refund within 6 months after the moving out date.

Repel a Rental Contract Termination (Kündigung)

If you received termination notice regards of contract from your landlord, don’t panic. Many letters of termination are invalid. Have the letter checked by If there is a chance of repelling the contract termination, we will engage and finance a lawyer.

If you have been terminated from your apartment during the last 3 years, you may claim damages (moving expense, higher rent for new apartment). Check the termination notice here.

Lower your rent in case of defects (Beseitigung von Mietmängeln und Mietminderung)

Mould, a defect heating system, water damage or noise: You do not have to accept such defects in your apartment. If defects (Mängel) occur, you have the right to ask the landlord for repair and lower the rent for the time you are affected.

Important: As a tenant you are obliged to inform your landlord as soon as possible about occurring defects. Also, do not just unilaterally lower the rent payments. can take care of informing your landlord and properly enforcing your lowering the rent. Should your landlord not be willing to repair the defects, we take your landlord to court.
Enter your problems and defects in your apartment and we will contact the landlord for you.


Do you have any questions regarding your rental agreement or problems in your apartment? We connect you to a rental law expert and cover the costs so you can ask your questions. Just answer a few questions on and the lawyer will contact you free of charge.

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